Teno is a Radically Different Speaker and Light Meant to Be Timeless

Architect and designer Max Gunawan has an inspiring way to see objects in new, fascinating ways. He brought an award-winning light to market a few years back called Lumio, which gracefully unfolded from a book form into an adjustable LED lamp.

He spent the last three years on his latest project called Teno. And it’s even more impressive than his last.  Inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, where broken parts are pieced together rather than throwing them away.

This inspiration makes up the form of the light and speaker. Formed from a bowl-like shape, it’s made of natural sand, and has an organic crack running down its middle. Pull the pieces apart, and the bowl magically comes to life with warm light and sound. Smart gestures allow you to control volume, lighting, and other features without distracting buttons.

Another amazing element of Teno is how it breaks from the mold of so many other tech products. We are bombarded by the cycle of yearly upgrades, and companies purposely build flimsy products, knowing that obsolescence will mean you will end up buying a new one in a year or two anyway.  This object was conceived differently, and if it’s anything like the Kickstarter video, we’re excited to check it out.

Teno should be shipping to Kickstarter backers as soon as May 2021, and will retail thereafter for $300.






A new way of experiencing sound and light
On its surface, Teno is a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture made from natural sand. When cracked open, it comes alive; revealing soft, warm light that you can adjust with a simple tap. When fully open, it’s a powerful speaker, releasing a rich sound that you control through touch. Your music will never sound — or look — better.