The Goat Caddies of Eastern Oregon

Goats have been alongside humanity for thousands and thousands of years. They have been herded and domesticated for over 10,000 years, providing humans with meat, milk, and cheese. Only in the last few decades have goats been tasked with more urban chores, like ‘mowing’ urban lots, backyard pets, and even goat yoga. Well, the good people of Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca Oregon have a new, studious task for the common goat: golf caddie.  Outfitted with hand made leather saddles, the adult goats patiently and helpfully carry golf clubs around the course’s rolling hills.

The project is the brainchild of  Tygh Campbell, who owns the ranch, and felt like the resident goats deserved a noble job.  Seamus Golf was tasked with creating the custom saddles, a project perhaps no one had ever taken on before. Prototypes were tested on similarly sized dogs before the goats were involved. A hilarious video below shows the introductory fitting of the goat golf caddie saddle.  And should you worry about the goat’s well being, don’t. Alongside a custom six pack holder, the saddle has a pouch for peanuts, so the caddie has some snacks along the way. Via The Oregonian:

Bruce, the very first goat caddie

Bruce, the very first goat caddie.