The Growing, Vibrant Mosslamp

mosslamp moss and fog

Given it’s name, we couldn’t help ourselves. But beyond that, the Mosslamp is a beautiful concept, designed by Marko Vuckovic, and inspired by the Swedish town of Malmö.

The inside of the lamp houses 3D printed foam, custom to each fixture, and the substrate on which the moss grows. The shape of the foam dictates the form the moss will take. The lamp can be used as either on a table or a hanging installation Via DesignBoom: 

The stand beneath the glass bowl is made with one piece of carefully selected aluminum formed into a  heat-resistant ring that’s not attached to the bowl itself. All electrical parts carry LED lightning, illuminating the moss from below. The bowl can also be used as a hanging mosslamp, making it practical and easy to use.

mosslamp moss and fog 1mosslamp moss and fog 2mosslamp moss and fog 3