The Lightship Electric Trailer Is Meant for the Clean, EV Era

Electric cars are here to stay, and soon, they’ll be the majority of cars and trucks on the road. Our planet will thank us for that.

But up until now, electric cars had to deal with vastly decreased range when towing, due to the weight of the trailers, and the consequential impact to car batteries.

The Lightship L1 is designed to change that equation, with a sleek, streamlined design, and onboard batteries of its own, which can power the trailer, or recharge your EV when you get to your destination.

This purpose-built trailer was developed from the ground up with electric vehicles in mind, and uses an entirely electric platform, including built-in solar, and all-electric appliances.  Indeed, the L1 can power your campground for an entire week, giving you ultimate freedom from fossil fuels, or grid power. It’s 80kWh battery gives users a lot of flexibility, even allowing for a carbon-free adventure into nature, while having all the amenities of home.

The sleekly designed L1 expands to ten feet high when parked at a campground, and allows for up to six adults to sleep comfortably.

Available for preorder with a refundable $500 deposit, the Lightship L1 starts at $125,000.

“Moving road trips to the electric age.

We have a bold vision for the future of travel where you can better connect with the outdoors and each other. Lightship’s electric travel trailers allow you to visit new corners of the world while doing your part to preserve it.”