The Polestar 4 Is a Sleek EV That Ditches a Rear Window for a Digital Rear View

With the announcement of Polestar 4, the brand related to Volvo is trying to establish itself as a true identity in the world of cars, and the world of EVs. The Polestar 4 is a sleek coupe that promises the space of an SUV, thanks to the packaging efficiency of an electric vehicle.

Interestingly, the coupe shape offers a large glass roof, but no rear window at all, opting for an HD rear camera instead. The result is a compact form with a high belt line, but not one that looks like it’s lacking a window.

The Polestar promises a 300+ mile range, and a $60,000 starting price, available in 2024.

“Transformation challenges established views. The rear window is replaced with a rear-facing HD camera, providing a wider field of vision.