Underwater Film Shows Animals and Sea Life Becoming the Actual Plastic that Pollutes It

In this poignant and tragic short film The Beauty, we see ocean scenes where the sea life is becoming the plastic that pollutes it. We see a puffer fish that has bubble wrap for a body. A seal with a bottle cap for a head.

Though it’s beautifully animated, the film is yet another painful reminder of how humans have trashed our oceans, creating massive amounts of plastic waste and pollution. Indeed, the problem of plastic pollution is so big, microplastics have entered just about every part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and are ingested by animals and humans alike.

Created by Director Pascal Schelbli, it’s a poetic journey but also a deeply cynical one, narrated with a knowing tone that we are the cause of this tragedy.

Check out the video below, and think about supporting an organization that supports ocean cleanup and species protection.