Edible Flowers, A to Z

In a beautifully lush series, British artist Charlotte Day presents a gorgeous and also practical alphabet of flowers rare and common, all safe and edible to consume. Her alphabet showcases a strong painted serif letter, lovingly embraced by the flower whose letter it represents. We love this series for how feminine and sophisticated it is, but also as a food discovery tool, learning that you can eat Daylilies and Queensland Arrowroot.  Each of her beautifully painted letters are available as both prints and original paintings for fair prices on her shop.

B is for Borage:

Bees love the bright blue blooms of this distinctly hairy herb and its star-shaped flowers have a sweet honey flavour that tastes remarkably similar to cucumber. The uncanny resemblance makes it the perfect partner to a refreshing Pimm’s or lemon sorbet. Paired with ricotta cheese it becomes a fantastic pasta filling as well as looking lovely when sprinkled into a summer salad.

When navigating her online alphabet, each letter/flower is given a nice description and a few possibilities for how it can be eaten. Also shown are some details on how the flower likes to grow, and it’s season.