What Would the iWatch Look Like?

For all of the nature posts I do, I’m an unabashed tech geek as well. As a designer, I’m interested in aesthetics and function being married seamlessly. So far, there aren’t many details out about Apple’s forthcoming jump into the ‘wearable space’, but that hasn’t stopped designers from coming up with some interesting concepts. For the most part, the designs have a certain sleek, strappy, Nike Fuelband look to them. While this makes sense, it doesn’t match up perfectly with the rumored small screen sizes that Apple has been researching. When Samsung released their Galaxy Gear, it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. It’s somewhat handsome, but lacks a cohesive feel, and failed to connect with customers. Supposedly 30% of those who bought one at Best Buy returned the product, unsatisfied. In a post-Steve Jobs Apple, the company needs to dig deep before releasing something, and it sounds like that is the plan.
If they gathered collective brilliance, a device of supreme intelligence and elegance could usher in the next big wave of innovative products and technology. And while there is a contingent of anti-Apple folks out there, they remain one of the most innovative and polished companies in the world, from a product perspective.  I’d be curious to see the iconic circle watch shape explored. it certainly has drawbacks from a display standpoint, but in terms of lasting design, something like this Braun classic is pretty damn timeless.
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.55.14 PM
Apple’s own patent speaks to a ‘slap-bracelet’ type band with inherent flexibility to the whole device. Whether or not flexible OLED displays are able to come to market this soon remains to be seen.
Images courtesy of the designers, Todd Hamilton, Martin Hajek, Thomas Bogner