Anatomy of Things by Yoncakarakas

In a series that pushes surrealism to a boundary between fascinating and creepy, Turkish artist Yonca Karakas explores themes of time, space and the human mind. The figures are nearly alien-like, with bright, yet hollow gazes, and are surrounded by spare, futuristic settings that include flora, fauna, and geometric forms. This highly staged collection feels so curated that it takes you to another dimension.  Via Behance:

Yonca Karakas focuses on improvement of the human mind and dogmatic ideas at her first solo exhibition titled ‘Anatomy of Things’. The show that she re-defines the perception of ‘reality’ will be on view between January 21 – February 25, 2017 at Pg Art Gallery. Karakaş builds a new universe by the objects she uses, the spaces and characters she creates.