Monocoque Paddle Canoe

Italian designers BorromeodeSilva have created a stunning, Monocoque canoe that is made of the finest materials possible, including copper-woven carbon fiber and hand laid teak. The sleek craft is future-looking, but with a clear nod to the past, inspired by larger watercraft, but also the fins of a classic Cadillac. The designers especially embedded the copper wires into the carbon fiber to allow for a shimmer that mimics sun on the water, an homage that also brings the canoe into closer connection with it’s destination. A beautifully made craft, indeed. Via DesignBoom:


We thought about this canoe as a unique piece. We enjoy the idea of the luxury object being sufficient on its own: that it doesn’t exist merely to solve a problem but is justified by its visual proposition. With this canoe, we wanted to showcase our ability to mix traditional craftsmanship and highly technical processes and materials.


This project encapsulates a lot of the values we stand for: technology that serves beauty, collaboration in between industries and sharp aesthetics.