Avatar 2 Teaser Shows us Pandora, 13 Years After Original Film

The highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar, came out in 2009, and gave us the story of Pandora, an inhabited moon of a distant planet.

13 years later, James Cameron has released the teaser trailer for Avatar 2, the second installment of what will be a five movie series. The second movie is titled Avatar: The Way of Water.

The second movie has been in development and production for nearly ten years, with enormous technological hurdles that have needed to be solved in order to create the right visuals. As many of the movie’s scenes take place underwater, cast and crew were required to undergo a huge amount of aquatic training in order to do performance capture underwater.

Indeed, actor Kate Winslet trained so much for underwater acting that she learned to hold her breath underwater for 7 minutes, a new record.

The teaser below gives us a brief look at the vibrant alien world, with familiar characters and some new ones along the way. We appreciate the subtle way the teaser sets the scene, without being overly bombastic.

Whether the second installment of this sci-fi epic reaches the same heights as the first remains to be seen, but we’re intrigued by the high-tech storytelling, and the imagination behind this colorful world.