Axiom Space Station

The Axiom Space Station plans to take the place of the ISS, or International Space Station, which has been humanity’s only permanently-inhabitated craft in low earth orbit for the last 18 years. It’s a wildly ambitious project, considering that building in space is the most expensive and complicated place imaginable. Axiom, which will be privately-funded, boasts a lot of current and former NASA power, and with the ISS being decommissioned in 2024, it’s plausible that Axiom’s station will take it’s place in that same timeframe.

Inside the new station, vastly improved living quarters will provide comfort and safety, thanks to the design by Philippe Starck. Indeed, the Axiom Space Station will serve as one of the very first space tourism destinations, allowing visitors up on 7-10 day trips, for the low price of $55 million per person. In addition, continued science and exploration will continue, and we imagine there will be more of the station’s habitat modules in the years to follow.  Start saving now.

Via Uncrate: