Beautiful Underwater Paintings by Isabel Emrich

Isabel Emrich is a master of painting water, as evident in her series of pool portraits, showcasing women submerged, half-submerged, and peacefully floating in rippling water.  The paintings have a great perspective, and it gives a lovely sensation of zen and introspection, seeing the way light reflects off of skin, and the rippling horizon above. her work is inspired by French Impressionists of the past, yet feels unique to her California roots. In the heat of summer, nothing sounds better than jumping into the water, and letting go…. Via My Modern Met:


“My underwater collection is inspired by exploring the sensations of peacefulness and calmness, combined with the energy from the movement of the waves you feel when submerged.”


“Indeed, being in water is one of most explicit examples one can imagine of ‘being in the moment.’ Time stands still, and once and for all the past and future disappears. Zen-like, one is in the here and now.”