Beautifully Organic Exhibition Space

Founded by the descendant of Solomon Guggenheim and designed by Jorge Eduardo Neira Serkel, the new IK LAB is a hyper-organically formed space, ready to showcase artist’s work, and also serve as a meeting space for those wanting something different than a normal, white walled gallery. Visitors are invited to explore the space barefoot, giving them a tactile experience. Located in Tulum, Mexico, this space is unlike any other exhibition space you’ve visited, sure to leave a lasting impression. Designed to block out external noises, the meditative experience lets you focus on the artwork and the space around you, without distraction. The beautifully sculpted interior is both exciting and feels inextricably linked to nature.

Via Colossal:


The open air exhibition space is located at Neira Sterkel’s upscale eco resort Azulik, and eschews all elements associated with the traditional white cube gallery. Instead of static walls, IK LAB contains undulating cement surfaces that meld into overhead pathways and leaf-shaped podiums. Bejuco, a vine-like plant native to the region, fills in the areas not covered by waves of cement and forms the circular openings that dot the gallery’s slatted walls and ceiling.