Beautifully Thought Provoking Paper Art About Climate Change

The very talented Eiko Ojala has a new series that speaks to climate change, and the feelings and perceptions around it. Based in Estonia, he has a very keen grasp on the perils of climate change, and the nuances of people’s perspectives. He paints a stark divide between the American South and the rest of the country, and the difficulty of addressing the issue in rural areas versus cities.

Not all environmentalists eat tofu: the hunters fighting climate change.

Using simple contrasting paper, and an extremely keen illustrative technique, his cut paper brings depth and introspection to the pieces. He accompanies each one with a thought provoking description. Via Behance:

Florida is drowning. Condos are still being built. Can’t humans see the writing on the wall?


52dca182292693.5d19873e497a7What you know about the American south and climate change is wrong.

55b49282292693.5d19873e4a228‘They chose us because we were rural and poor’: when environmental racism and climate change collide.

Why people in the US south stay put in the face of climate change.

801cfb82292693.5d19873e4a02cWhat would Jesus do? Talking with evangelicals about climate change.

Talking about climate change in conservative places is hard. But we can’t afford not to.