BMW’s Autonomous Motorcycle of the Future


BMW’s Vision Next 100 is an unabashedly futuristic look at motorcycles. Their bike is an autonomous, self-balancing machine, capable or reading your intention, and getting you to the destination, fast. Able to read the road and alert riders of road dangers, they claim the safety of the motorcycle will remove the need for helmets entirely. A zero-emission drivetrain and very avant-garde lines make this a thing of beauty. Whether we will ever see it on the road, is another matter. Via DesignBoom:

bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog01 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog03 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog04 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-la-presentation-mossandfog02