California Goes Surreal in These Infrared Images

We’ve covered infrared photography in the past, and are amazed at the ways it can transform scenery into alien-like, surrealist worlds.  Here we’re featuring a series by Kate Ballis, an Australian former attorney, who left the world of law to pursue her passion for photography.   Her series Infra Realism takes place in Twin Palms, California and the surrounding Joshua Tree area, rich with 40s and 50s Americana. Vintage hotels, palm trees, and the sensibility of that time period.  The resulting images are wildly colorful, feeling more like otherworldly parallels than the real world. Via Fubiz:

Kate Ballis Infrared Californiaballis1Ballis2Ballis3Ballis4Kate Ballis Infrared CaliforniaBallis6Ballis7Kate Ballis Infrared CaliforniaKate Ballis Infrared CaliforniaKate Ballis Infrared California