China to Build the World’s Tallest (and Pinkest) Skyscrapers

The Burj Khalifa will simply be another tall building when these two towers are completed. The Phoenix Towers, to be built in the huge city of Wuhan, in central China, will rise a full kilometer into the sky. At 3,281 feet tall, this enormous undertaking plans to incorporate a huge number of green energy technologies, including wind, solar, thermal, biomass boilers and hydrogen fuel cells. At well over 200 floors and built on an island, the towers will be huge and garish, but also a hugely visible symbol of sustainable ingenuity and design, something lacking in modern China. Designed by UK Architecture firm Chetwoods. Via the architect:

Based on the traditional Chinese Phoenix – two birds, male Feng and female Huang; The plan was generated from Yin/Yang form to represent perfectly balanced union; Symbiotic – the Feng tower uses cutting edge technology to feed the Huang tower with renewable power.


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