Chris Labrooy’s Surrealist VW Bugs

chrislabroy moss and fog 2

We’ve posted about Chris Labrooy’s fantastical car aerobatics before, and he continues the brain-bending work with his latest series, Everybody Loves the Sunshine. In it, he renders photorealistic Volkswagen Beetles in strange and surreal settings. Split in half, upside down, and warping through a porthole window, the cars are set in a pastel wonderland of throwback ’80s scenery. Imbuing the scenes with Memphis Group sensibility, Labrooy adds a level of pastiche to his technically impressive digital renderings. Fascinating and fun work, via Fubiz:

chrislabroy moss and fog 3chrislabroy moss and fog 4chrislabroy moss and fog 5chrislabroy moss and fog 6chrislabroy moss and fog 7