Summer From Above

Brilliant aerial photography by Klaus Leidorf

We’ve covered the beautiful aerial photography from Klaus Leidorf in the past, but since it’s the heat of summer, we thought we’d dive deeper into the refreshing images of swimming and water that he captures so well. Leidorf flies the skies above (mostly) Germany in his Cessna plane, and takes remarkable images of the world below. The patterns and forms he captures are really engaging, and his water images especially convey a sense of quiet and peace. We love the way water changes color so dramatically with depth, we feel the urge to dive in. Many more images on the artist’s Flickr page.

Luftaufnahme von einem Ruderboot auf dem Pilsensee neben SeerosenLuftaufnahme von einem roten Boot am Undosa-Strandcafe in StarnbergLuftaufnahme vom Badestrand am Riemer See
Luftaufnahme von Badegästen am Baggersee in Gilching
Brilliant aerial photography by Klaus Leidorf