Copenhagen’s Floating Islands Take Shape

Designed by Marshall Blecher and Studio Fokstrot, these small floating islands will soon inhabit the Copenhagen harbor. Bringing ‘wildness and whimsy’ to the city, the islands will be anchored to the harbor floor, and will be accessible by boat, kayak, or swimming.  Meant to add recreation and interest to the waterways, the platforms will be planted with native grasses and trees, and are just the type of project that fit this dynamic city’s image.


“The top of the islands will be planted with endemic grasses, bushes and trees, which will provide a sanctuary in the middle of an otherwise highly developed part of the city for the local seagulls, swans, pigeons and ducks,” said Blecher.

“The underside of the islands will provide an ideal environment for seaweeds and mollusks to attach themselves, in turn providing the perfect habitat for fish and other sea life to congregate.”


Over the years, the small archipelago of islands will grow, adding diversity and personality to the water. We love the design (and renderings) of this project.

Via Dezeen: