Daydreaming in Denim

Though you probably can’t wear them now, these beautifully monotone ‘paintings’ are actually entirely made from denim, cut and pieced so elegantly that you’d swear you’re looking at a painting on canvas.

Able to render the reflections in a pool, and the way light dances off of water, artist Ian Berry has carved out quite a niche for himself. Rendering the Golden State in pieces that showcase pools and warm weather, Berry’s art is truly fascinating. The textural elements from the denim add bits of depth and shadow, and occasionally you’ll recognize the seam or hem of a garment, making up the trunk of a palm tree.

The series is called “Hotel California, and we are eager to see more of his art in the future. Via MyModernMet:

Ian Berry June 2019Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-2Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-3Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-4Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-5Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-6Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-7Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-8Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-9Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-10Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-11Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-13Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-14Ian-Berry-Denim-Art-Hotel-California-15Ian Berry June 2019