Designer M.O.R.E. Cabin is Perched into the Forests of Quebec

This impressive cabin in the woods of Quebec is known as the M.O.R.E. Cabin, representing the the first letter of the clients’ four grandmothers.

This slim yet impressive form is the work of Kariouk Architects, and uses sustainable building practices and materials to create a low-impact retreat in the forest.

Perched on a steel mast, the home’s footprint is minimal, which protects the underlying vegetation, and also gives the cabin a commanding view of the forest and lake beyond.

The elevated design is highly intentional, with a strong purpose to protect the land, and create an honesty in the cabin’s overall feel, with nothing to hide. Cross-laminated timber structure, off-grid energy, and a highly efficient heating system make it much less detrimental than traditional building techniques.

Inside, the cabin is modern yet warm, with large expansive glass windows, clean lines, and timber that makes you feel right at home in the woods.  We love the perched effect of the design, and can imagine it’s a wonderful feeling to be elevated above the trees, with beautiful views of the water beyond.

See Kariouk Architect’s website for more information on this impressive design, follow their work on Instagram.

Images used with permission from Kariouk Architects. Photography by Scott Norsworthy.