Fascinating Larval Transformation Animation

pupa moss and fog 1

PUPA is an animation by Prague-based 3D artist Miki Nemcek, a strange yet totally engrossing look at an abstracted journey from larva to butterfly. The wild colors and forms move and grow with stunning detail, a testament to Nemcek’s skill as an animator. While the subject matter is almost disturbing in it’s writhing and puffing manner, it’s almost hypnotizing to watch.

‘I decided to dive into an endless variety of abstract compositions, forms, and atmospheres,’ explains nemcek. ‘this short film is a result of a hard work in a constantly relaxed mindset that comes naturally with slow and lightly hypnotical movements of the larval bodies.’

pupa moss and fog 2pupa moss and fog 3pupa moss and fog 4pupa moss and fog 5pupa moss and fog 6pupa moss and fog 7