Floating on the Wulingyuan


The Wulingyuan area of Hunan, China was the original inspiration for James Cameron’s world of Pandora, in the movie Avatar.  The stunning quartzite sandstone pillars are like no other place on the planet, and they’re a prized Unesco World Heritage site.   In order to allow visitors an unparalleled view of these natural wonders, the Chinese government held a design contest for a series of lookouts. The winning design is from Martin Duplantier Architects, and it’s a mesmerizing mirrored platform, complete with a water covered surface, to allow for perfect reflectivity. We hope this structure doesn’t interfere with the stunning beauty of these mountains, but it definitely looks like a sight worth visiting. Via DesignBoom:

martin-duplantier-architectes-zhangjiajie-pavilions-lookout-china-moss-and-fog-2 martin-duplantier-architectes-zhangjiajie-pavilions-lookout-china-moss-and-fog-3 martin-duplantier-architectes-zhangjiajie-pavilions-lookout-china-moss-and-fog-4