Florian Ledoux’s Aerial Arctic

The Arctic is one of the least explored places on the planet, yet it remains one of the most fragile and susceptible to climate change. Photographer Florian Ledoux worked with National Geographic to create a series that showcases this beautiful land with aerial and ground-based images. The photos showcase narwhals, polar bears and walruses in their natural habitat, plus some truly epic icebergs. The photos are from the very north reaches of Canada and Greenland. Read more at National Geographic.


Observing graceful icebergs in Greenland


The sun rises over a still morning in the Arctic.


Ice is seen as it begins to freeze in Greenland.


Narwhals are notoriously difficult to find, but during the summer months they hunt for fish and can be seen near Baffin Island, Canada.


Birds rest along the edge of an iceberg near Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland.


A young polar bear crosses the ice in Nunavut, Canada.


This aerial picture is a natural visual puzzle—with a polar bear waiting to be found.


A group of walruses rest in Resolute, Nunavut, Canada.