Futuristic Pegasus Yacht Has Facade That Makes it Look Almost Invisible

This superyacht concept from designer Jozeph Forakis has a number of world firsts.

From a full 3D-printed exterior to a zero-emissions solar-to-hydrogen propulsion system, the 289-foot ship has a sleek exterior that is meant to full reflect the ocean and sky around it, rendering it nearly invisible when sailing the seas.

As mega-yachts go, this design feels unique, with a streamlined shape and see-through elements that feel more futuristic than gaudy.

Via Uncrate:

“The vessel features a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and metallic finish that reflects the water’s surface, while the multi-tiered glass wings mirror the sky, creating the illusion of invisibility. Its exterior isn’t the only thing that will go undetected. It will produce zero carbon emissions thanks to solar panels harvesting energy to convert saltwater into hydrogen, giving the yacht unlimited range.”

The interior design features an organic look and feel, with warm wooden panelling on the ceiling, dramatic hanging plants, and living walls.

The floating bed design is appropriately lavish feeling, and although this is still a concept in rendering, it feels realistic enough to envision.

See more of this ship’s futuristic features and design on Jozeph Forakis’ website.