Gateway Canyons, an 8700 Acre Property in Colorado, Offered at $279,000,000

gateway 2

You’d better dig reallllly deep into your couch cushions to find the spare change for this property.


Offered at a mere $279 Million dollars, the Gateway Canyons property is, admittedly, incredible.  Nearly 9,000 acres of private, secluded land in Colorado’s beautiful Cottonwood Red Rock Canyon would be yours, with views that would make even the most skeptical buyer blush.


Included in the price is a massive, 22,000-square-foot adobe-style main residence, a 72-room resort, as well as hundreds of miles of private trails, roads, and pristine river access. Previously owned by The Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, this property is so incredibly out of reach, that it’s hard to even comprehend owning it.


Available for sale from Sotheby’s, our only request is that if you buy the property, invite us along for a visit. You’ll have so much room to spare, you won’t even notice us. Via Uncrate: