Joué, A Playful Music Controller for the 21st Century

Joue playful music

Joué is a sleek and innovative midi music controller that has an impressive touch controller that’s customizable with quick-change modules that swap out. Able to produce a huge number of instrument sounds and tones, the sky’s the limit on what you can play.

With a promotional song by musician Senbei, you get a sense of the range of sounds and music that’s possible on this diminutive device.

Via Design Milk:

Born out of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding phase, the Joué is now represented by a more refined industrial design constructed of wood and metal. The modular MIDI instrument works with graphically-coded and pressure sensitive soft touch elastic “magic” modules, each designed to be quickly switched on and off as needed, replicating an array of instruments, like keyboards, guitar strings, drums pads, or in the case of Senbei, the Japanese koto.