Mile High Observatory


One mile high. That’s the mark that has been promised, threatened, teased, for years. Someday, architects and engineers will successfully create a mile high tower, and it will present one hell of a view. The latest concept for a mile high observatory, Sky Park, comes from a collaboration between Carlo Ratti, Schlaich Bergermann Und Partner, and Atmos Studio. The enormous tower would be topped by a huge observation deck, with a style somewhat reminiscent of Cloud City in Star Wars. To get a sense of the tower’s size, the architect describes it this way:

‘Imagine you take New York’s Central Park, turn it vertical, roll it and twirl it,’


Via DesignBoom, this concept will be officially announced in March, with no plans for construction….yet.


A visitor exploring the edge of the mile-high observatory


A view of the proposed mile-high observatory at night