Moss and Fog’s Top Nine Instagram Moments of 2019

We have the great pleasure of curating and sharing some of the best artwork and photography from around the world. Aside from our website, we have a presence on social media that is robust, with a great community. Our Instagram page features highly visual content from creators of all types. We love to see what resonates most with our audience, and loved seeing our Top 9 pieces of content over the past year. These nine were automatically sorted by how many people liked and responded to the content.

Ranging from a toucan in the threatened Amazon rainforest to a very artistic pie, here are the top nine shared images from our page, which we highly recommend you follow.

top nine instagram posts of 2019

A very handsome highland cow from the Faroe Islands, photo by @dominiclars

highland cow

A collection of beautifully artistic pies, created by @lokokitchen.

artistic pie

Some beautiful sand dune surrealism by @inter.stelarry.


A beautiful and threatened Amazon jungle toucan. This year’s devastating wildfires were preventable, making this all the more tragic.

amazon jungle toucan


An amazing leaf perspective photo by @billsmith2315.

leaf perspective


Beautiful Milky Way over Mt. Cook in Zealand by South of Home.

mt cook new zealand


The ‘Ice Gods’ of Lake Superior, surfing in frigid winter temperatures, photo by @devonhains.

ice gods


The gorgeous Great Egret, via Birdsr.

great egret


Found alphabet of stones, showing nature’s creativity and beauty by Clotilde Olyff.

stone alphabet