Prado Museum Paintings Get Climate Change Makeovers

Classic, memorable paintings from the Prado, Spain’s most famous art museum, have been redone to encapsulate the terror and chaos that climate change is and will bring. This sobering series is the work of the World Wildlife Fund, in collaboration with the Museo De Prado.

The series is entitled “+ 1,5ºC Lo Cambia Todo”, which translates from Spanish to mean “+ 1.5ºC Changes Everything”. We think it’s a fascinating way to bring attention to climate change, and one that brings a 21st century problem into a classical context. Via Artnet:

“For the Museum, this project represents an opportunity to continue placing art and its values at the service of society,” Javier Solana, Prado’s Royal Board of Trustees President, said in a statement. “The symbolic value of the masterpieces and the impressive artistic recreation that we present with WWF is an excellent way to transmit to everyone and especially to the young generations what is really at stake in this fight against climate change.”