Muir Way Creates Stunning Topographical Versions of Historical Maps

Maps can be so much more than navigational tools. Indeed, maps can be memories, and maps can be art. Muir Way shows just how artful and inspiring maps can be, with their collection of vintage maps that are enhanced with topographic relief and shading.

The result is a new way of looking at what might be a familiar place. Available for all 50 US states, all seven continents, and many other countries, the maps give a sense of mountain ranges, valleys, and the way landforms can vary.

Muir Way creates these unique versions by layering 3D digital elevation data, and meticulously adding shading to create reliefs that seem to pop off the page. Indeed, it’s impressive that the final result is still printed on flat paper, as the elevations look so convincingly three dimensional.

Available both framed and not, these maps would make an amazing gift for the travel lover in your life, or just those fascinated by geography.

The company also gives back to organizations like the Sierra Club Foundation, Leave No Trace, and others.

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