EBBA Series Chair Offers Colorful Ways to Relax

KAOI is a design brand that features fun yet functional products for homes. Their EBBA and EBBA II series chairs are highly distinctive for their funky, throwback aesthetics, and embrace of color and form.

We feel a bit of an 80s vibe with the chair, taking some of the best of the Memphis Group forms, while retaining a sense of modernity. The chairs would look great on a porch or other sun-soaked location, and would make for a great swimming pool addition. Based in Bangkok, the company is family run, and looks to just be starting their journey into furniture and home goods.

Via Design Milk:

With expertise in graphic design, we are constantly on a mission to seek an ideal design that blends uniqueness and distinct practices to enhance the meaning and value of our creations.

EBBA attempts to push forward the concept of chairs. We rely on our curiosity about art and design to break the boundary and tradition of what a chair should look like. 

Our team is driven to find the answer to the question, “To what extent can we merge the practicality and functionality of design with aesthetic and abstraction of art?”.