Organic Found Object Mandalas

Mandalas can be made from just about anything, but their symmetrical designs are what make them feel so ornate and kaleidoscope-like. This series of found object mandalas are made from natural items by Shona Wilson, and have an elegance that make them feel light and delicate.  Made from sticks, twigs, seed pods and bones, the series, entitled Offering is a tribute to nature, and feel very purposeful and full of grace.  In the time we’ve spent creating simple mandalas, we can attest to the quiet, meditative feeling of arranging objects, we highly recommend trying it yourself. Via Colossal:

“I hope these Offerings resonate as healing or therapeutic objects in their own right,” Wilson explained in the press release for her solo exhibition at Arthouse Gallery in New South Wales, Australia. “They are embedded with the vibrational patterns and tones of the natural world, of the very materials they are made from, and thus they emit the frequencies of the materials within them.”