Otherworldly Color by James Turrell

james turrell moss and fog 2james turrell

If you glanced at this older gentleman in a cowboy hat, you might not peg him as the creator of some of the most post-modern, “out-there” art in the world. Well, you’d be wrong. That gentleman is James Turrell, and he’s been bending minds and creating amazing colorscapes for decades now. Having worked everywhere from the Guggenheim to rural Sweden, Turrell creates rich, enveloping experiences with space and color (colour). He’s even turning a massive crater in Arizona into a naked eye observatory.

Here we feature some of his most eye-popping work, including portals of light and form that evoke science fiction and a strange colorful utopia. We haven’t visited his work in person, but can imagine the experience of being bathed in color would have a wonderful effect on the viewer.

james turrell moss and fog 3james turrell moss and fog 4james turrell moss and fog 5james turrell moss and fog 6james-turrell-guggenheim-rendering_pink_collabcubed