Phenomenal Food Photos

phenomenal food moss and fog 1

Food photography can be beautiful, but rarely is it exhilarating. In a series for Lurpak butter, photographer Alex Telfer takes food pics to new heights, with exhilarating, intense scenes that put you right in the midst of the cook’s action. The action in the shots shows frosting flinging over a cake, mushrooms in midair, a bread dough getting an intense kneading, and powdered sugar snowing down on a dessert. Telfer’s scenes are full of color and intensity, but also a tongue-in-cheek level of action that keeps the images from appearing corny.  In one of the images, a man flips a steak on a flaming barbecue, with a pad of butter melting onto it. Butter seems to work with everything, huh? Tasty, visually delicious work. Via Behance:

phenomenal food moss and fog 2phenomenal food moss and fog 3phenomenal food moss and fog 4phenomenal food moss and fog 5