Rising from Detroit’s Bedrock


Buildings that rise nearly 1,000 feet high aren’t in themselves groundbreaking, but they are notable, as the US has only a handful of supertall towers that reach that height. But if the building in question is in Detroit, it is indeed noteworthy. Bedrock Detroit is a commercial real estate company responsible for much of the recent renewal in the city’s downtown. Their latest, the Hudson’s project, will rise to 912 feet, with plans to include 1.4 million square feet of retail, office, hotel, residential units and public space. Designed by Shop Architects, the gleaming tower should be an inspirational part of Detroit’s rebound for the 21st century. Expect completion by 2022.  Via Curbed:


“We are excited about the direction and the design of the tower. We think it captures sort of a Detroit essence. It draws on history and looks forward,” said Jamie Witherspoon, director of architecture for Bedrock.