Everlane ReNew Clothing Made from Recycled Plastic

Plastics are a big problem in our society, and despite decades of education about recycling, plastic waste is still finding it’s way into our rivers, oceans, and landscapes in detrimental ways. 

Turning plastic bottles into clothing isn’t new, but Everlane is launching a new collection of minimal, stylish clothing that gives you the plastic bottle count that each piece is made up of. 

In addition, the company is planning on making it’s entire supply chain free of new plastics by 2021. 

Their product line is ethically produced and fairly priced, and it’s nice to see a stylish line of clothing that also has an environmentally-friendly stance to it. From $55 Via Everlane:

Jacket made from 55 renewed bottles

Sweatshirt made from 30-35 renewed bottles

Puffer made from 32 renewed bottles