Rolls Royce Wraith


The newest Rolls Royce was just trotted out to the public, and it’s called the Wraith.  Beyond being the most powerful Rolls ever built, the ‘fastback’ design and dual-tone body has a decisively muscular appearance, way less Grey Poupon, grey-haired than in years past. Inside you’ll of course find luxury details like the new Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller, which “features a touchpad, so you can effortlessly access the internet and music with a swipe of your finger or call up contacts and directions simply by ‘writing’ the characters.” But more impressive to me is the headliner, which has over 1300 fiber optics sewn into it, giving you a starry sky inside your trip to the grocery store. Top it off with 624 horsepower and massive West Sussex (suicide) doors, and you have a hell of a ride. I’d definitely like to take a trip in one. If you happen to have $300,000 laying around, you’ll be able to afford the base model.

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