Siena Awards Festival Reveals Impressive Drone Photography Winners

The Siena Awards recently awarded the best of their Drone Photo Awards 2022, and the resulting images are amazing.

Ranging from overhead cityscapes to jaw-dropping natural moments, the contest draws from photographers around the world, and

French photographer Armand Sarlangue took first place, with an incredible image of an active volcano in Iceland. His image is entitled “Big Bang”, and shows a mesmerizing look into the heart of the earth, molten lava and all.

It’s a powerful image, and shows us a glimpse of earth’s power.

Some of the other images reveal human moments, from cross country skiing to harvesting of salt, and fishing boats in a crowded river.

Take a look at some of the other impressive entries to the contest here.

Winning image ‘Big Bang’ used with artist’s permission. 

“In the picture, a secondary fissure happening a few hundreds meters from the main crater of Fagradalsfjall volcano, during the very last eruptive phase. It was captured as a storm was hitting west Iceland, with rain and strong winds. Due to the difficult conditions, a drone capture like this is unique.”