Sleek Home in Spain Makes Us Wonder: What is Too Minimal?


Architecture fascinates us, as you can tell by the dozens and dozens of posts we share about interesting, impressive, and wild structures found all over the world.

We tend toward a modernist aesthetic, but sometimes we come across architecture that pushes the ‘sleek’ concept a bit too far, into a realm of cold and sterile.  We’re torn on this Hofmann House in Spain, which clearly embraces a very strong point of view, and has some very pretty elements.


Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos and located in Valencia, we appreciate the exacting vision of the design, from the stark white exterior to the impressive roofline and unadorned overall feel.

The soaring and distinctive exterior shape has helped garner lots of press, and the home is even in the running for 2019 Building of the Year on ArchDaily:


But we’re left feeling that living or existing in the space would feel entirely foreign and devoid of emotion.


The home has an expansive use of glass, giving it a full view of the surroundings, and vice versa, a very un-private interior.


We’re equally unimpressed with the interior, which lacks any of color whatsoever, and also feels strangely uninspired, compared to the dramatic exterior.


We do find the infinity pool and veranda to be a very pretty space. And we’d jump at the chance to spend an afternoon there.


Overall, however, we find this ‘glass house’ concept to be a bridge too far for our taste.

We generally find the cold minimalism unwelcoming and much more fitting to a museum space than a family home.


What are your thoughts? Do these type of homes impress or repel you? Does architecture need to evoke a certain warmth to feel welcoming?


Either way, it provokes a conversation, which is why we will continue to be fascinated by architecture and the built environment.