Snob Hôtel

snob hotel moss and fog 1

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that the new Snob Hôtel is located in Paris. Famously snobby and judgmental, the Parisians have had a sense of superiority for generations, with a long history of great food, wine, and fashion backing them up. Don’t get us wrong, snobs can be terrible, but when turned into a tongue-in-cheek hotel concept, it’s pretty clever. Designed by Composé, Snob Hôtel is a small and intimate boutique, with a dark and mysterious air about it.  Design agency Asís took on the task of turning Snob into a brand, and the result is sleek and elegant, with the right amount of art deco, and a color palette that shows depth and universal appeal.

snob hotel moss and fog 4

From the designers:

Enormous brass lamps which you can picture adorning the front of a summer holiday home, a reception desk which evokes an antique family heirloom, all within a warm, mellow atmosphere, enriched with lush frondescence.

If you happen to be in Paris, drop on in, and let us know if the name lives up to it’s reputation! Via Behance.

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