Solar and Wind Combined in One Energy-Producing Unit

As the race to build renewables heats up, companies are looking to create innovative solutions that harness as much energy as possible.

Take this mixed-energy system from French startup Unéole, which combines small vertical wind turbines with a platform covered in solar cells.

Designed to be easily installed and made of materials that are or can be made of recycled materials, we like how simple and straightforward the design is. Made to be cost effective, we also like the fact that it can be scaled together, and placed on top of urban building roofs. Imagine a city filled with rooftop units like this, silently harnessing clean energy for its citizens.

Eager to see innovative solutions to our climate crisis like this more often.

From DesignBoom:

“French startup Unéole has developed a silent, mixed-energy system that combines solar and wind power. Specifically adapted to city buildings, the proposed mechanism comprises wind turbines covered with a photovoltaic rooftop to maximize energy production by 40%, compared to a pure solar solution. Indeed, pairing two renewable power sources gives the possibility to alternate between them depending on weather conditions. As photovoltaic efficiency relies on solar radiation, wind turbines can take over at night or during winter when radiations are usually weak, making them the ideal complement.”