Whistlepig’s Piggybank Rye Whiskey Will Have You Squealing

Whistlepig has established itself as a premium, American whiskey, sought after for its limited edition collections.

This season they’re releasing a 10 year-old rye whiskey in a limited edition glass piggybank bottle. The glass bottle is based on a 19th century Berkshire bitter pig, and is wax sealed until you pour the aged whiskey out the pig’s hind quarters.

Sure to sell out, this one-of-a-kind whiskey sells for $200 per bottle.

Bring home the bacon with our limited edition PiggyBank Rye Aged 10 Years.  This Straight Rye Whiskey celebrates a decade of innovation since our first Best Rye Award (Triple One, WWA 2012), bottled in a porcine decanter based on a 19th century Berkshire Bitter Pig.  This ham’s hind is bottled at 110 proof and wax sealed to keep every drop of goodness safe until posterior consumption.”