Speaking Coral – Vibrant Alphabet Illustrations


This beautifully vibrant series by Lena Vargas shows us all manner of coral and undersea creatures, designed to create an entire 26-letter alphabet.

Entitled Speaking Coral, each clever and detailed illustration comes with a corresponding phrase that educates us on the critical importance of coral as a species. We love projects that educate + inspire. Check out her entire collection on Behance:

A healthy coral reef provides the perfect environment for feeding and raising babies for many species of underwater creatures like plankton, fish, even small mammals. Huge communities live and thrive  there. Coral Reefs are their safe haven, their home. 


Coral Poaching is another important issue that should raise more concern that it currently does. There are people called “poachers” that make a lot of money stealing valued coral from protected areas and sell them to make many types of jewellery. There should be no market for coral jewellery. Do not support this inhuman practice!