Star Wars Furniture Collection by Kenneth Cobonpue


Does your living room beg for more of a TIE Fighter aesthetic? Maybe an elaborate chandelier of people battling with light sabers? If so, an official, licensed line of Star Wars furniture could be just the thing for you. Created by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue in association with Disney, the line includes chairs, lamps, and a fun, furry Chewbacca rocker.

We wouldn’t call this line the most impressive take on the Star Wars legacy, but we’re intrigued by the possibility of turning classic cinema into creative, functional furniture. Via Dezeen:

We have a soft spot for this Chewbacca-inspired rocker.

“This is a fun way for us to bring our stories closer to fans, allowing them to connect with Star Wars in a unique way and to take their favourite stories and characters home,” said Veronica Cabalinan, the Philippines manager for Disney.