Symbolikon Shows Us the Original Emoji

Ok, so calling ancient symbols ’emoji’ is an insult to the history and culture around them. But in today’s context, they’re in the same realm, and our love of emoji have conjured up the need to see symbols throughout history as important and relevant.


Symbolikon is a Kickstarter project meant to bring attention and interest to ethnographic symbols found all over the world, throughout thousands of years of history.

From Egyptian hieroglyphics to historical Celtic symbols, the project’s aim is to restore, recreate, and share knowledge of this vast trove of visual history. Carefully recreated in hi-res vector formats, you’ll be able to explore hundreds of fascinating symbols that actually have deep meaning, unlike the 🤹🏽‍♀️😜🤫💩 rather silly, meaningless emoji of today. Check out their Kickstarter, and get inspired!