Tattooine in Tatters


I’ve always loved that Star Wars’ Tattooine scenes were filmed in Tunisia. It was exotic enough to fit the two-starred planet very well. The set pieces from George Lucas’ film still exist in the hot Tunisian desert, 35 years on, though they’re disintegrating slowly. Photographer Rä di Martino traveled to the desert and discovered the ruins of Luke Skywalker’s home planet, through the help of Google Earth. Via FastCo Design:

1672518-slide-luke-2 1672518-slide-mos-espa-house 1672518-slide-every-worlds-a-stage-beggar-right 1672518-slide-home-of-the-past-home-of-the-future 1672518-slide-no-more-lukes-house 1672518-slide-mos-espa