The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables

Polish-born photographer Maciek Jasik is here to reclaim some of the wonder and mystery behind fruits and vegetables that we take for granted. His series, The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables is an artful and avant-garde take on food photography, and his explanation below gives a sense of his motives and desires for the project. Via DesignMilk:


The modern world has separated us from the origins and uses of fruits and vegetables; we know them only for the flavors and textures they provide. Until only very recently, each held its own mystique, mythology, symbolism and connection to the culture and afterlife.


Not only were the blueberry, tomato, squash, papaya, potato, and pineapple only available in the Americas until Columbus arrived in 1492, most of what we eat today was cultivated over thousands of years, from small, bitter origins, like the eggplant, or afterthoughts, like the wild cabbage that became cauliflower.


This series aims to reintroduce these mystical, invisible qualities to fruits and vegetables that have been lost amidst the clamor of nutritional statistics. Each offers its own indelible powers beyond our narrow habits of thought.